Friday, June 01, 2012

What is a "Spanish" Food Tour - A Personal Take

To refer to “Spanish Food” is to refer to a concept that is as varied as it is rich. Spain is made up of a number of very different regions. the sunny shores of the Costa del Sol, starkness of Castilla-la Mancha, the wild inlets of the Costa Brava, the majesty of the Pyrenees and the green pastures of Asturias are all a part of this “Spanish cuisine”. And the food of each region is as different as the landscape. From fresh fish and seafood to wild game to the avant-gaurde cooking of chefs like Ferran Adria, the country is bursting with flavors for every taste. And we dare not forget the famous Iberian Hams! Throughout the year there are local festivals and fairs in celebration of the local produce, be it strawberries or olive oil, sausage or Galician octopus. At the Spanish touch we try to incorporate these local festivals as much as possible to give you a chance to get a true culinary experience,.

But there are some seasonal foods which draw particular attention, and which we do our best to bring out in their fullness. These seasonal tours are specific to regions and times of the year, and include opportunities you will not find elsewhere, be it truffle hunting in the mountains or scouring the valley for mushrooms, walking through the olive groves or getting an up close and personal view of the grape harvest.

At The Spanish Touch we strive to provide the best service and best resources for truly experiencing the delights of Spanish gastronomy, and to offer a singular tour that will open your eyes and your taste buds to the incredible world of Spanish cuisine. 
For more information on a private guided tour in Spain, give us a call at 888-480-0013.

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