Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oysters and Wine - A Catalan take on a classic

Ostres, Xarel•lo Paened├Ęs! That's the slogan of a new campaign that has just begun in the Barcelona area to create a greater awareness of the culinary treasures available locally. The Penedes region, just south of the city has teamed up with the Delta Ebre region to offer locals and visitors alike the opportunity to sample oysters from the region with Xarel.lo wine, a white wine traditionally used in cava making, but of late making great strides on its own as unique white wine. The campaign is being carried out in restaurants throughout the region between November 2012 and April 2013. A mouthwateringly tempting proposal that is sure to present a unique and refreshing take on a classic food and wine pairing. 

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Friday, November 16, 2012

La Pedrera turns 100 - a centennial celebration

La Pedrera, Gaudi's last, and arguably greatest, civic work turned 100 this year. One hundred years inspiring rave reviews and withering criticism, it's perseverance is one of the Casa Mila's greatest attributes. A tribute to Gaudi's idea that "in nature there are no straight lines", La Pedrera ("The Quarry" in Catalan) has been turning heads on Barcelona's most fashionable street since its completion on October 311912. Nowadays considered a masterpiece of Modernista architecture, for the month of November the building is offering visitors a spectacular passage through the heart of Barcelona's Renaissance.

This weekend a twist on the traditional Gegants, at 5:00 Saturday afternoon will find the Rei Gaudi (King Gaudi) and Reina Pedrera (Queen Pedrera) hosting a meeting of the Modernista gegants in front of the building.  On Sunday there will be a Casteller (human tower) festival.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

November in Spain, a reflection on my favorite month

November is my favorite month. It starts with Halloween, continues through my birthday and finishes with Thanksgiving. Really, it is hard to find something about November I don't like. And have spent a significant amount of time living on the Mediterranean coast, I sometimes forget that it can be a cold, cruel month in the great Northeast where I was raised. These days I wear my fall jacket over my shirt and am pretty much comfortable, even in the evening hours it´s not unusual to see people sitting out on the terrace of the local bars and restaurants enjoying a tapa and a drink.

When I was younger November meant pick up football games and fires in the evening. These days I think of the changing produce in the local markets, and the sun-splashed barrios of the old city center where locals and visitors alike can drink in the culture and bask in the fresh autumn days and crisp (but not too cool) evenings that almost call you to the terrace for a glass of wine and a steaming plate of patatas bravas. All along the coast, your options may vary from a glass of sweet Malaga dulce while you enjoy a plate of berejenas con miel in Malaga to a sparkling glass of cava and a selection of local cheeses along the Barcelona coast

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Best accommodation for families in Barcelona

The biggest step to planning any vacation is the accommodation. Many people will instantly book a hotel without thinking much of the other options, but if you're a family, then there's one other option, especially in Barcelona, that may benefit you more than staying in a hotel. Instead of staying in a hotel, why not consider choosing an apartment as you Find cheap accommodation in Barcelona.

Save money

So why is an apartment ideal? There are a number of reasons, first and foremost is that you can save money. Staying in an apartment is usually cheaper than a hotel, because not only are the prices lower, you can save money on food because apartments come equipped with kitchens. There are extra charges for adding breakfast to the board at hotels, and they're usually unfair charges at that. For what you pay in a day for breakfast at a hotel, you can pay for a week of breakfast when staying in an apartment. That doesn't even include lunch and dinner; you can really end up saving a fortune.

Live as a family

In other forms of accommodation, everyone lives under the same roof, if you want to watch TV until late, you can't because the children are tired from a long day out and want to sleep. In an apartment, everyone has their own bedrooms. You can tuck the kids in and sit up with your partner and watch TV, you even get time to yourselves, it can be just like a honeymoon.

You also don't have to pack as many clothes as you'll usually find a washing machine. Maybe you can bring some toys for your kids to keep them entertained at the home? With more floor space, they can certainly play on the living room floor, or in their rooms, whilst you sit with your laptop taking advantage of the free wi-fi that most apartments bring.

Yet more advantages

The experience of staying in an apartment means you feel as cozy as you do at home when you return to base after a day out, and as mentioned before, you usually get free wi-fi. There are so many Barcelona apartments to choose from that you can almost always find the perfect location to stay in. Maybe you want an apartment between La Sagrada Familia and a metro station, or maybe between the beach and a great restaurant, then you can be sure there's one.

So the next time you plan your holiday, don't dive straight in to book a hotel, instead, think about how an apartment may benefit you. Check out these Vacation rentals in Barcelona. If you're going to Madrid instead, then consider Madrid apartments. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll do my utmost to get back to you.

Author Bio: Harriet Freeman

"Having been an expat in Barcelona for over 5 years and eventually entering the tourism industry; I made it my priority to become somewhat of a guru on all things Barcelona. As a frequent blogger on the city; I aim to keep all of my readers in the know about the Catalan Capital."