Friday, June 15, 2012

Small Town Tourism in Spain

Barcelona. Madrid. Sevilla.  Everyone knows the names of the big cities in Spain. They are magical places, filled with sights, sounds and a plethora of options for even the most experienced traveler. But what about some of those off the beaten track, fishermen's village kinds of places, the kind that you used to read about? Thereare still a number of them around, hiding away in the shadows of the big cities, comfortably nestled in the hills or along the beach in areas that not so frequented by tourists. But for the informed visitor, they provide a perfect break from  the sensory barrage of the cities.

Towns like Ametlla de Mar or Montefrio, towns where time seems to go by slower,  the pace is relaxed. It might be that "tourist" sites are not as plentiful in these towns, but therein lies there treasure: he town itself is a site. So this summer step back from the sites and sounds of the city for a day and just relax with the locals by the beach or in the hills.

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