Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spain's gastronomy comes out on top ... again

Yesterday the list of the 50 top restaurants in the world was released. And for the third year running, El Bulli, the tiny little restaurant tucked along the Mediterranean Coast north of Barcelona was top of the list. Given its fame over the last few years, maybe that's no great surprise. However, that there were two other Spanish restaurants in the top 10 certainly opened some eyes. Mugaritz and Arzak, both located in the Basque region close to San Sebastian, have been climbing up the list for the last few years. Clearly, Spain's gastronomic acheivements have not gone unnoticed by the epicurean culture.

These fantastic restaurants are just the tip of Spain's incredible gastronomic wealth. The country that gave us Paella and Gazpacho is also full of local delicacies. Anywhere you go, in every region, the food is on prominent display. From the Cocido in Madrid to the Butifarra amb mongetes in Catalonia to the codfish in Bilbao, Spanish cuisine is always inviting visitors to share in the culture. And the wines that accompany these dishes is as bountiful and diverse as the ingredients of the food.

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