Friday, April 29, 2016

Horse Festival in Jerez - an equestrian must-see event

Throughout the first week of May the town of Jerez de la Frontera will be home to the annual Feria del Caballo (Horse Fair) in honor of the famous Andalusian horses so closely associated with the town and its remarkable Royal Equestrian School. The  González Hontoria Park will once more turn into the focal point of the city's main celebrations, with over 200 temporary "casetas" installed for the week long celebration. Traditions and cultural activities such as Flamenco dancing, visits to the Sherry houses and of course equestrian events will make Jerez the place to be for horse lovers this week. 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pictures of our Montserrat Hiking Tours

Montserrat mountain has been the cultural and spiritual heart of Catalonia for over 1000 years. The legends and history of the mountain and the monastery of Montserrat are so closely intertwined with the region that it's impossible to separate the two. A visit to the mountain and the monastery is a great way to get to know the history, culture and people of the region better. Check out our Montserrat Mountain tour.

A hiking tour of Montserrat is a great way to take in the spectacular views and stunning landscapes. With its own microclimate the mountain is replete with trails and routes for people to explore. Our tours take you along to some of the best and most pictureque routes while you discover the flora of the region.

Enjoy some of the pictures of our Montserrat Hiking Tours:

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Hot-air-balloon ride over the Volcanic Region of La Garrotxa, Girona

For anyone looking for a unique vantage point from which to see their vacation, we suggest taking a hot air ballon ride in Garrotxa National Park. This fantastic experience offers spectacular views over the volcanic region of the Garrotxa, as well as the Pyrenees mountains and the whole of the Catalonia spread out below. There's nothing quite like enjoying a glass of cava a half mile up in the air with the snow-capped mountains as your background.

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Pictures of our Costa Brava Hiking Tour

 The Costa Brava the stretch of coastline that runs north of Barcelona to the French border. It's nickname comes from the rugged cliffs and hidden coves that dot the coastline, giving it a wild and untameable image that is best discovered on foot or in small boats. The fishing villages that dot the coastline are tucked into the hills and are among the most beautiful coastal villages in Spain. Each town has its unique character, from medieval walls to a towering castle overlooking the city to a town famous for its relationship with artists like Miro and Dali. Check out our tours along the Costa Brava,

The Costa Brava hiking tour takes the visitor along the coastal walking route called "Cami de Ronda", an old path originally used to connect the towns. The walk is an easy hike offering the opportunity to see the coast that you would not be able to see otherwise.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Strawberry Train- a historical train ride to a royal palace

Last weekend marked the beginning of one of Madrid's most intriguing seasonal events: the Tren de la Fresa, the Strawberry Train. Every year for over 30 years the strawberry train takes weekend passengers to Aranjuez Palace on a classic train which has been modified and updated for modern comforts.

In 1851 the second railway in Spain connected the capital city of Madrid with the Royal Palace of Aranjuez. It was called the "Tren de la Fresa", the Strawberry Train, as it went past vast fields of strawberries in Aranjuez. While these days the steam engine runs on cleaner fuel than coal, it still offers its guests all the benefits of a mid-19th century train, including waitstaff dressed in the fashion of the time and spectacularly restored coaches. The train departs on weekends in Spring and Autumn (not July or August) at 10am and returns to the city at 6 in the evening. A ticket includes roundtrip train fare, transfer from the train to the sights, a guided visit of the Royal Palace at Aranjuez and a giant strawberry treat.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Roman Celebrations in Badalona (Barcelona)

The whole region of Catalonia has Roman roots that stretch back over two thousand years. The Romans arrived at the Greek trading village of Empuries and made their way down the coast, eventually stopping in what would become modern day Barcelona. However, before they got there they arrived at the city which borders Barcelona today to the north: Badalona.

The city of Badalona is the the third largest city in Catalonia, after Barcelona and L'Hospitalet, and bears a proud heritage of its Roman founders. The Museum of Badalona is one of the hidden jewels of the region for lovers of the ancient world. Every year the Museum and the city team up to present the Roman Festival during the last weekend in April. 

This year is the 12th annual edition of the Magna Celebracio Festival Roma de Badalona. Discover the crafts and trades, daily routines and, naturally, the dress of the Romans. With events and workshops for people of all ages, it's a great way to get out of Barcelona without ever leaving a city, and to experience the traditions and heritage of the local culture in a once a year event!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Spanish tradition of a 'vermut' and the best places in Valencia to enjoy them!

Let's go for a "vermut" is a common and popular past time throughout Spain. As the name suggests (vermut is vermouth in English), the idea is a social gathering for a drink. It can happen before or after a meal, although most commonly it's used by friends to meet up after work or on the weekend and just spend some time talking and hanging out.

In fact, you don't even have to order vermouth (if, like some of us, you just don't like the taste very much). Have a glass of wine, or a beer, or even a coffee. The idea is really about being with friends and having a good time, not about what you are drinking.

Here is a list of some of the best places to catch up with friends in the Mediterranean city of Valencia:

Bar Vermudez: They make vermouth their specialty. With a wide variety of vermouths in a number of flavors, this is a great bar for non-vermouth lovers to find their own "vermut".

En La Parra: This traditional tapas bar offers a local vermouth "made in Valencia", and is right in the heart of one of Valencia's best evening/nightlife areas.

La Vida es Bella Vermuteria: Located on a pedestrian street in the quieter area of Benimaclet, a great choice for those looking for a more relaxed evening. For those looking to extend their meeting to include dinner, they offer a menu of the day.

La Bernarda: Right in the heart of the city, in the Tapineria Market you will find this classic Valencia locale, where the owner makes a different rice dish every day and the serve a locally produced vermouth and some of the best sandwiches in the city.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Special Visit to Spain's Only Molassas Factory

This Sunday April 24 in the picturesque pueblo blanco  of Frigiliana, the INGENIO factory is opening its doors for a unique chance to visit and learn more about the importance of miel de caña in the only factory in Europe. The III annual 'Jornada Gastronomico' (culinary celebration) features free tastings, craftsmen working and the chance to cut the sugar cane, as well as a local market selling related products. The factory itself, built on what was once a nobel's palace, is generally not open to the public, so the idea of enjoying a day learning about the product and the history and role of the company and its product in the development of the region. Take the opportunity to discover more about one of Spain's most beautiful towns while enjoying the fruits of its factory. 

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Placido Domingo celebrates 50 years at the Liceu in Barcelona

On Saturday April 23, Barcelona's premier opera house will play host to Spain's premier opera singer, Placido Domingo in celebration of the 50th anniversary his first performance there. The 75 year old living legend's first perfomance in Spain came in January 1966, and since then he has gone on to become one of the world's greatest and best-known opera singers.

He will be singing in Verdi's opera Simon Boccanegra, and will repeat the performance on April 26 and April 29. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Domingo perform in one of Spain's most beautiful and best opera houses.

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Unique chance to visit The Caves of Nerja (Málaga)

Throughout the month of April, visitors who take the opportunity to explore the Caves of Nerja just outside of Malaga will have an added bonus to their visit: for the first time ever several of the cave's larger caverns will be opened to the public. These newly opened rooms include the hole through which the caves were first re-discovered in the 1950s, as well as a look into the archeological dig and some of the oldest inhabitated areas of the cave, where people lived over 25,000 years ago!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Barcelona Panoramic Tour

In the last few years, one of the most demanded private tours in Barcelona has been our 'Panoramic Tour of Barcelona'. This is a great way to discover the highlights of the city in just a few hours. If you don't have a lot of time in Barcelona or just want a tour to get to know better the city, this is a very good option. The tour combines the traditional walking tour of Barcelona city center with the opportunity to discover the Montjuic Mountain or some of the most important modernista buildings such as Sagrada Familia.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Moscatel Museum - The intertwining of culture, tradition, history and a good wine

Just up the road from the ancient city of Cadiz is the town of Chipiona. This coastal town has a history almost a old as the city itself, and is home to a tradition that is even older: Muscat (Moscatel) wine producing in the region dates back to the Phoenicians. As producing wine has been a cornerstone of the region for as long as there have been people there, the Museum of Moscatel is much more than just a "wine" museum. It is a display of the tradition, culture and history of the region and its inhabitants.

In the museum itself you will discover the traditions, festivals and culture that have grown side by side with the wine and which so infuse the people who live here. The museum offers seven distinct areas which explain everything from the science of winemaking through the centuries to a cultural wine route through the town.

Only an hour and a half outside of Seville, the museum is great escape from the normal tourist routes and a wonderful way to discover more about the traditions and culture of the region.

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Romanesque Route in Segovia

The city of Segovia has more than twenty Romanesque churches from the 12th and 13th centuries, which makes it the second highest concentration of these jewels in Spain, after Zamora. On the route that we proposing today you can discover five of these historical and architectural jewels. These fives temples offer a series of common features that fit them all into the same unique group: they are within the city walls and have atriums, porticos and feature open and attached arcades on the south side of the church, which could be used for civil purposes and local meetings, as well as the unique characteristic of the slenderness of the bell towers with numerous levels of arches.

This is a circular route about 5 km long during which you will visit the following churches:

  • Church of San Clemente. Built between the 12th and 13th centuries, it is a single nave with the apse facing south and a wide tower.
  • Church of San Millán. The most impressive and monumental in Segovia. Located in the Medieval center, construction began in the year 1111 under the rule of doña Urraca and Alfonso I "El Batallador". Given the Aragonese roots of the king, the temple shows clear influences from Jaca. It has three naves with three apses. The tower dates from the previous building and is on the north side of the transept. Later on arched galleries were added along the northern and southern sides.  
  • Church of San Esteban. Built between the 12th and 13th centuries, the Church of San Esteban is a three nave church that maintains Romanesque elements such as the arched gallery and the majestic tower.  
  • Church of the Holy Trinity. This is a 12th century church, with an atrium open to the south, a common characteristic of the Segovian Romanesque.
  • Church of San Juan de los Caballeros. The works of the headboards of the church date back to the 10th century and they reused the remains of the Visigoth basilica. During the 11th century the building was destroyed and the current central apse was built. Two centuries later the side apses, tower and southern atrium were added.

Click on the map to check out the route we have created for you.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Running for a cause: "Women against Cancer" race in Malaga

One of the best and most unique ways to get to know a city is by participating in one of the cultural or sports activities offered while you are visiting. Not only will you get to know the city better, you'll also have the chance to meet and get to know the people and the culture. Today we propose that you visit Malaga, one of the most beautiful cities along the Mediterrean. The "excuse" we are offering is a race that will take place on April 24 as a fundraiser in the fight against cancer. The 5k run will start at 10:00 along the Paseo Marítimo de Poniente (calle Pacífico).

You can sign up for the run through its website (up to April 21):

Proceeds from the event will be dedicated wholly to the group "Unidos contra el Cáncer" made up of the principle organizations of Malaga working for people affected by cancer and their families.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Spend a night with Sharks in Spain

All around Spain, something is happenning at the local aquariums. For years people have been content to go to the many impressive aquariums around the country to see the diverse fish and different ecosystems that they have to offer. It is a surefire success to spend a few hours away from the heat of the midday sun or on a rainy day.

Sharks have always been one of the big draws, with the shark tunnels becoming ever more popular as a way for visitors to feel even closer to the animals. Now, however, there is a new breed of adventurer visiting these aquatic havens. More and more people are looking for that unique thrill of a different experience, and the aquariums have stepped up to the plate. 

In aquariums in Seville, Barcelona and Valencia, visitors are now being offered the chance to see how the underwater world changes away from the light of the day and the constant stream of visitors. Nighttime visits to the aquariums provide you with an in-depth look at the world most people don't get to see, at a time when many of the most interesting animals are most active. For the most daring divers, there is even the possibility of swimming with the sharks!

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Monday, April 04, 2016

Seville's Magic Island, the amusement park in Seville: a great idea if you are coming to Seville with kids

If you've come with your family to spend a few days in Seville, you might be interested to know that starting on April 16, the Isla Magica amusement park will be open for the season. The park, which is actually in the city itself, is an amusement park with a clearly Andalusian flair where you can enjoy shows with Andalusian horses with tradional music and of course, Flamenco dancing. Additionally, the park offesr different "themed" areas, including 'Sevilla, Puerto de Indias' (Seville, port to the Indies), where the setting is Seville in the 16th century, when it was the biggest city in the kingdom at the heigh of Spain's Golden Age. Other interesting areas are the 'Agua Mágica', the aquatic park with two waterfalls you go through as a way of greeting you to the area, and the 'Puerta de America', with the Fuerte de San Felipe (St. Phillip's Fort), a huge building that is a reproduction of the fortress at Cartagena.

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