Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Magic of Dali and the streets of Girona with the Masters

A day tour to the Dali Theater-Museum and the city of Girona provides people with a great peek at what Catalonia has to offer outside of Barcelona. Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 9:30, the Masters' and I headed out of the city and up the highway to Figueres. Along the way we discussed the background of the region, Dali and how the landscapes we were passing influenced the boy who was to become the most famous of the surrealist painters. The Dali Museum, however, is much more than just a showcase for his paintings. It is a work of art in itself. Everything in it was designed by Dali and all three of the Masters' were immediately impressed and immersed in the art. While Dali offered no guide for visiting his museum, learning about his life and what was happening does shed light on his works. We spent the morning wandering through and admiring his artwork before stopping for a quick bite at a local cafe.

Following lunch we headed over to Girona for an afternoon stroll through the old city. The cobblestone streets, the bridges, the ancient churches and walls of the two thousand year old city really bring its history to life. The Cathedral, and its  treasury bear witness to the importance and riches that the city has seen throughout its history. As we walked back down the winding streets we came across a mother duck with her ducklings, clearly enjoying an afternoon stroll just like us. In all a lovely end to an enjoyable and educational Spanish experience!

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