Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Moscatel Museum - The intertwining of culture, tradition, history and a good wine

Just up the road from the ancient city of Cadiz is the town of Chipiona. This coastal town has a history almost a old as the city itself, and is home to a tradition that is even older: Muscat (Moscatel) wine producing in the region dates back to the Phoenicians. As producing wine has been a cornerstone of the region for as long as there have been people there, the Museum of Moscatel is much more than just a "wine" museum. It is a display of the tradition, culture and history of the region and its inhabitants.

In the museum itself you will discover the traditions, festivals and culture that have grown side by side with the wine and which so infuse the people who live here. The museum offers seven distinct areas which explain everything from the science of winemaking through the centuries to a cultural wine route through the town.

Only an hour and a half outside of Seville, the museum is great escape from the normal tourist routes and a wonderful way to discover more about the traditions and culture of the region.

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