Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Spend a night with Sharks in Spain

All around Spain, something is happenning at the local aquariums. For years people have been content to go to the many impressive aquariums around the country to see the diverse fish and different ecosystems that they have to offer. It is a surefire success to spend a few hours away from the heat of the midday sun or on a rainy day.

Sharks have always been one of the big draws, with the shark tunnels becoming ever more popular as a way for visitors to feel even closer to the animals. Now, however, there is a new breed of adventurer visiting these aquatic havens. More and more people are looking for that unique thrill of a different experience, and the aquariums have stepped up to the plate. 

In aquariums in Seville, Barcelona and Valencia, visitors are now being offered the chance to see how the underwater world changes away from the light of the day and the constant stream of visitors. Nighttime visits to the aquariums provide you with an in-depth look at the world most people don't get to see, at a time when many of the most interesting animals are most active. For the most daring divers, there is even the possibility of swimming with the sharks!

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