Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Special Visit to Spain's Only Molassas Factory

This Sunday April 24 in the picturesque pueblo blanco  of Frigiliana, the INGENIO factory is opening its doors for a unique chance to visit and learn more about the importance of miel de caña in the only factory in Europe. The III annual 'Jornada Gastronomico' (culinary celebration) features free tastings, craftsmen working and the chance to cut the sugar cane, as well as a local market selling related products. The factory itself, built on what was once a nobel's palace, is generally not open to the public, so the idea of enjoying a day learning about the product and the history and role of the company and its product in the development of the region. Take the opportunity to discover more about one of Spain's most beautiful towns while enjoying the fruits of its factory. 

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