Saturday, July 09, 2011

Montserrat and a visit to the shops in Barcelona

There are times when a vacation can have it's none-too-pleasant moments. Losing luggage is one of those moments. And if that luggage contains all your cocktail and evening wear for a forthcoming cruise, it can make the situation a bit more tense. But luckily Barcelona is readily available and equipped to deal with almost every emergency.

A morning visit to Montserrat was just the stress-reliever the doctor ordered, as a beautiful, pleasantly hot morning in the cultural nerve center of Catalonia was a morning full of spectacular vistas, intriguing history and just enough exercise to make even lost luggage seem manageable.

In the afternoon we visited several stores to make sure that everyone was prepared for the cruise leaving the following morning. While not the ideal, relaxing afternoon that was originally planned, it is a relief to know that even cocktail dresses and evening wear is easy enough to find in the big city, and that even lost luggage cannot  spoil you vacation plans. The shops of Barcelona rose magnificently to the occasion, providing shoes, dresses and assorted other necessities to make sure that the vacation would not be ruined because of an airline malfunction.

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