Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barcelona through the Back Streets - Exploring the city

There are any number of ways to discover Barcelona. Today we took a less traditional route through the city, discovering some of the city's most interesting out of the way places as we worked our way through 3 different areas of the city.

First up was Gracia, where we took in the plazas and streets that make this area such a unique place, all the while working under a sky that couldn't decide whether or not to rain. We discussed the old town of Gracia, and how the changes over the last hundred years have shaped the town, and how it has resisted the changes. It's great to see people enjoying the old world charms then turning the corner to see a Moderniste masterpiece (especially when one of the people with you is an architect, thanks Batia!).

We followed up with a walk through the winding streets of the Ribera, visiting the old chapels, learning about the curious street names and finally stopping for a delectable tapas lunch (the cheese plate was spectacular). After lunch we continued through the streets of the Born district, exploring history and modern culture living side by side, before finishing with a walk through the old city.

For more information about the Barcelona through the Back Streets, or to plan your own private guided tour through Spain, contact The Spanish Touch at 888-480-0013.

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