Friday, July 08, 2011

An afternoon stroll through the Gothic Quarter

It was a sunny day, but not overbearingly hot as the Bezners walked through the streets of Barcelona yesterday. After a long flight and having finally checked in at the hotel, we started by grabbing a bite to eat. The tapas were exactly what was needed to get everyone ready. The gambas and pulpo were of particularly good note, but I take nothing away from the the tortilla de patatas, cheese or even the ever faithful pa amb tomàquet.

Feeling refreshed and ready to roll, we began our tour through the winding streets of Barcelona. In a city where everything has been built over and on top of things, it can be almost overwhelming sometimes to even know where to start. Do you look up at the stunning gargoyles? Or at the craftsmenship of the doorframes and balconies? Or do you take note of the scratches that are the accumulation of centuries of horse-driven carriages that brought life to the city?

The day ended with a visit to the cathedral (after purchasing scarves for the girls to cover bare shoulders), and  the cloister's geese gave us a noisy but cheerful farewell. Next up: Montserrat and Sagrada Familia!

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