Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Soltice in Barcelona - The city opens its doors

Coinciding with the Sant Joan Festival I talked about yesterday, today the city of Barcelona is opening its doors to celebrate. Enjoy free entrance to the following museums and sites:
Monastery of Pedralbes (Baixada del Monestir, 9)
-Barcelona City Hall Building (Plaza San Jaime)

-Centelles Palace (Baixada de Sant Miguel, 8)
-Palacio de la Capitania (Pso. Colon, 14)
-Museum of History of Barcelona (Plaza del Rei)
-Colegio Escuelas Pias Lluria (C/ Aragón, 302)
-Library of Catalunya (C/ Hospital, 56)
-Casa dels Entremesos (Plaza Beates, 2)

For more information or to arrange your private guided tour in Spain, contact The Spanish Touch at 888-580-0013 or info (at)

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