Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Barcelona welcome

Sometimes your first day in Spain can be tough. You had a long flight, your clock is off by a few hours, and what you really need is a good leg stretch. And sometimes the cure can be as easy as a stroll through La Boqueria, which is what happenned with Mee Hong and her two children for their tour with The Spanish Touch. Upon arrival in Barcelona we went straight into the heart of the city, and wandered around the narrow winding streets of the Gothic Quarter until we arrived at La Boqueria, that unmistakeable cornicopia of colors, smells and sounds that make up Spain's largest market. And the appeal of the fresh fruit drinks, the rows of fresh vegetables, chocolates, and even fish is enough to make anyone perk up. We entered La Boqueria in need of a pick-me-up, and left 20 minutes later with two very contented children and ready to face the rest of the day!

Tomorrow we head up to Figueres for a date with Dali, so tonight is an easy night to get ready for what promises to be a week of discovery, relaxation and fun.

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