Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Alella - A Little town with a lot to offer

20 minutes up the coast from Barcelona city, we find the small town of Alella, home to one of the smallest wine regions in all of Spain. Dating back to the X century, the town has a long history of housing some of the wealthier families of the Barcelona region and during the Catalan Renaissance, a fair number of modernista houses were constructed, many of which are still standing. It was so popular that Antoni Gaudi himself was known to visit during the summer for inspiration among its forest and hills.

But the best reason to visit is for its wines. The combination of sea winds and the mountains make for a unique wine, and the agricultural culture is still vibrant, despite the massive urban expansion that occurred throughout the last hundred years. For those people looking for a unqiue, off the beaten path town without getting too far away from Barcelona, Alella offers a relaxing alternative.

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