Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Semana Santa - Spain's Easter highlights

Semana Santa. For anyone who's been to Spain during this magical time, those two words conjure images of somber processions, colorful brotherhoods marching slowly under the pressing weight of massive floats, and an experience that can hardly be expressed in just a few words. So why all the hype?

Well, it's among the all of the above and more. It's the sense of community and of oneness (hence the origins of the hooded brotherhoods who carry the cross, symbolizing unity and brotherhood), of an entire town supporting traditions. And for me, therein lies the great secret. Tradition. In a country steeped in tradition, where every small town and big city has its quirks and fairs, in a country as rich in history as Spain, tradition takes the spotlight. And in Semana Santa, it's a tradition that runs throughout the whole peninsula. And for anyone who has the pleasure of visiting, it's a welcoming experience that invites the visitors to share and form a part of the very roots of the culture. It's unique, like Spain itself.

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