Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Araya's Experience - Day 2 -Snow-capped mountains and Gaudi

The promise of a beautiful day was the perfect setting for our morning trip over to Montserrat Mountain. The sun accompanied us the whole morning served not only to warm up the spring morning but also the brilliant skies with just a couple of wisps of clouds dotting the horizon. As we drove around the mountain, taking in the fantastic panoramic views as we ascended, we talked about the history and legends of the mountain, which has been the cultural and spiritual center of the region for over 1000 years. When we reached the top, the clear day's just reward was as clear as I have ever seen it: the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees!
We sampled some of the local cheeses (my personal favorite was the rosemary goat cheese, Katherine liked the smoked sheep's cheese). Up to the top of the mountain on the funicular (cog rail) we went, to take full advantage of the spectacular vistas. We returned to the monastery and jumped into the short line to visit La Moreneta. 

Afterwards we headed back to Barcelona we went straight over to Sagrada Familia. Gaudi's masterpiece is so unique that one can easily spend a full day just on the outside. Take in all the details, from the celebration of the Nativity Facade to the severe lines of Subirachs figures on the Passion Facade to the flowered tips along the back edge of the church. And then you have the inside, where his true genius lies: in his geometric shapes and the imitation of nature in ways that had previously been unimaginable.

All in all a great day to explore some of the most quintessentially Catalan sites of the region, and get deeper into the culture and in touch with the history of the region.

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