Monday, April 14, 2014

Cordoba Day Tours

Today celebrates the 888th birthday of one of Al-Andalus's greatest philosophers: Averroes. The Cordoba native's influence was felt throughout the entire empire, which at the time was the largest in the western world. And it draws our attention to the city of Cordoba, in the heart of Andalusia. This mid-sized city is a must-see on anyone's top 10 list of Spain because of it's culture, its heritage and its place in the history of Spain. 

The Spanish Touch offers day tours of the city for everyone from first time visitors looking for a good overview with a personal touch to those looking to learn more about the legends and backstories of the region to those looking to delve into the flavors and colors of the city.
Curious visitors come to explore the small winding streets of the Jewish Quarter, to see where Averroes was born, to experience the spectacular Cordoba Patio Festival and of course, to visit the monolithic Mezquita-Cathedral, undoubtedly the city's most recognizable monument. 

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