Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paradors and Mines - A Day Tour to Cardona

Cardona is a small town in northern Catalonia where you can find the spectacular castle overlooking the town, which has been turned into one of the most spectacular parador hotels. But at The Spanish Touch want to show you more than just one of our favorite hotels: We want to bring the 30 million year old history of the region to life!

Since well before the arrival of the Romans, the town was a stronghold for the Iberians who built a fortress on the hill next to the "snowy" mountain. Why, you might ask? Because the mountain is a salt mountain, with one of the richest and largest mines of salt in Europe, over 300km of underground tunnels that reached a depth of over 1300 meters!  Join us for a chance to see how the industrial and the historical melded together to produce one of Spain's inspiring stories in a fairytale setting.

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