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Old School Record Stores in Barcelona - Guest Blogger Harriet Freeman

Old school Record Stores in Barcelona

Even with the advent of digital music downloads, physical music copies are seeing a raise in sales (15 times more than in 1993). Especially in Barcelona! If you're a hardcore music fan and are looking for records, from Vinyls to CDs, there are a number of stores in Barcelona going stronger than ever that will fulfill your musical needs.

So revisit the days of going into a record shop and discovering new music the tried and tested way. Without further ado, here are some of the best record stores in Barcelona.

1. Revolver Records
Probably the biggest record store company in Barcelona, it's most likely going to be your first point of call for all things musical.  It's very well located too, in the city center, just off of Las Ramblas near Plaza Catalunya. They specialize in practically all music types including rock, indie, metal, punk, garage and more. C/ Tallers, 11.

2. Luchador Records
If you're staying in the Raval Area, then Luchador records will most likely serve you during your trip. This shop in particular is for the collectors out there, those of you who are looking for that hard to find record that you can't get anywhere else. These guys are all about the exclusive and alternative. C/ Ferlandina, 39 (right).

3. Discos Paradiso
Right next door Luchador records is Discos Paradiso, a shop set up by two Catalan music aficionados called Gerard and Arnau. It's a good place to find some golden oldies, but they are also specialists in techno, dub step, house, and electronic types of music. There's also a back room where artists play from time to time! C/ Ferlandina, 39 (left).

4. Subwax
This record store has a long history and was originally located in Sweden. Before it moved to Barcelona, it was the longest running record store there. They mainly focus on electronic music and reggae, and have about 10,000 in their collection. C/ Valldonzella, 3.

5. Wah Wah
This record store is also located in Raval. It's a small store which reminds of me of the record stores I found in Soho, London, when I was an adolescent. It's also a record label which reissues records that are no longer in production. The shop is divided into two sections, "The Classic Section"  run by Shakira where you'll find all sorts of styles, and "The Dance/Electronic Section" run by DJ Zero. C/ Riera Baixa, 14.

Harriet Freeman works in the tourism industry for OK Apartment Barcelona, a company that specializes in Holiday apartments in Barcelona . She is an expert on northern Spain and Barcelona and runs her own blog; Things to do Barcelona.

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