Friday, February 22, 2013

Walking the hills of the Maresme - Rich and Rose day 8

After having visited the beach yesterday, today we headed to the hills for a different kind of relaxation. When    you leave the paved roads of the towns and the last house disappears you know you are getting close to where you want to be. The best part is that we only had to drive about 15  minutes to get there, and yet somehow it felt much more remote. Parking the car close to the picnic area at the base of the walking route, we began our uphill walk, taking in the plants and flowers (an early year for the almond blossoms) as we walked. After learning about the indigenous flora at the Santa Clotilda Gardens yesterday, we spotted a number of varieties of plants and trees that we recognized. It was a highly enjoyable afternoon hike, as we walked up to the statue overlooking the towns of Teia and El Masnou, with Barcelona in the background.

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