Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rich and Rose - Day 2 - Local Festivals and a stroll along the beach

On Sunday the sun broke through the clouds and a promising day lay before us. First stop was the local Tres Tombs Festival, a traditional Catalan festival centered around animals. It gets its name from 3 laps (tres tombs in Catalan) which the local animals traditionally did around the church or chapel of the local town before being blessed by the priest. Nowadays the festival features more pets than livestock, but in many ways the traditions remain strong. Locals walk the streets offering neighbors and visitors alike homemade cakes and sweet moscatel wine straight from the porro! 

As the sun soaked streets began to dry out, we headed down to the beach for a stroll along the beach. Several hours, a handful of shells (always a great time to look for shells after a stormy night) and countless pictures later, we headed back for a traditional Catalan lunch of pollaste a l'ast and potatoes. In all a decidely enjoyable way to spend a Sunday and to get into the local culture.

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