Saturday, August 04, 2012

New Years Eve in August - Only in Spain

Bérchules, a small mountain village in the Alpujarras of Granada, a region popular among hikers and nature lovers, is celebrating New Years Eve tonight. That's right, the end of the year celebration, complete with eating the twelve grapes, the twelve bell tolls, and almost 10000 people gathered in the Main Square to ring in the New Year. In August. The tradition began after a blackout in 1994 forced residents to celebrate by candlelight with no fanfare. The residents of the village decided to re-create the event in August, to do it properly. And it caught on. Last year more than 8000 people joined the celebration, which starts mid afternoon and continues on into the wee hours. Local sweets, street celebrations and even parades turn this town of 900 residents into the place to be on the first Saturday of August. The celebration is proof that some traditions don't necessarily have to be hundreds of years old to make their way into the folklore of a country. Add this to the reasons to visit Spain, where the smallest villages often offer the most interesting stories!

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