Monday, October 24, 2011

Here comes the rain, bring back the mushrooms!

It has been an unusually dry start to the autumn months here in Spain, and while beachgoers and sunlovers everywhere were enjoying the lasting sun and drinking in the lingering summer feeling, the unseasonable weather has not come without consequences. We are now in full-blown mushroom season, and yet the mushroom fairs and market stalls are strangely less-than-full. The reason? with no rain, the mushrooms haven't been growing right. They've even had reports of struggling to fill the stands this year at local mushroom festivals. But this week started off right. While i am not usually one to smile at the vision of gray clouds unleashing months of pent up rain on my head on a Monday morning, this marks one of the few times that it did. Because with the rain comes the mushrooms, and it's about time! There's still time to enjoy the mushroom season, with it's large variety of species growing wild and ready to be picked. A trip to the mountains is in store in the not too distant future!

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