Friday, January 07, 2011

One season over, let the rebajas begin!

The Three kings have come and gone. All around Spain the kings arrived to delighted crowds of children on January 5, arriving in traditional boats, on exotic animals and even via airplane! And now that the celebration is over, we enter into the last weekend of Spain's traditional holiday break. This means several things for people traveling around the Iberian peninsula this weekend:
1) Be very careful as there will be a lot of traffic as people return from their holidays.
2) It's time for the sales to begin! All over Spain people will be flocking to the malls and city center in search of great values and hidden treasures. It is estimated that the average person in Barcelona will spend between 200 and 250 euros during the next few frenetic weeks of discount shopping. So if you are in the city, or will be coming shortly, make sure you leave some extra space in your luggage, and plan a few hours of shopping into your itinerary!

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