Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cuenca and the Hanging Houses

Halfway between Madrid and Valencia, in the heart of Castille-La Mancha, is the province and city of Cuenca. This  unique medieval city of just over 50,000 is a perfect place to discover a new dimension of Spanish history and culture. Like many cities in Spain, the city dates to pre-Roman times, and has been inhabited by Romans, Moors and Christians throughout the centuries. The rich cultural and natural heritage of the region offers discerning visitors the chance to discover some truly fascinating treasures: From the 12th century Cathedral and the old city to the famous Casas Colgadas "Hanging Houses". The houses are perched on the edge of the cliff on which the city rests, and have been a part of the landscape for centuries (they did get a renovation in the 20th century). Mix the majestic scenery, the rich cuisine and a fabulous Parador hotel together and you get the recipe for a great way to spend a day and a night getting in touch with the authentic Spain.

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