Sunday, November 28, 2010

On a clear day at Montserrat

On Friday I took Payal and Sunitra up to montserrat mountain to discover the spiritual heart of Catalonia.  My first thought as we approached the mountain: what a spectacularly clear day! I have rarely seen the mountain so clear, and skies so blue. We arrived with no problems, and more importantly no crowds. Although a large bus pulled in behind us, so we hurried a bit over to the monastery to get in line for la Moreneta. We only had to wait a few minutes, and once inside there was virtually no line, again something rarely seen at the mountain. I was also pleased to see the new brochures explaining each of the chapels you walk through on your way to the statue. As both Payal and Sunitra brought their super-cameras, we took a bit longer and let some of the people behind us go through as we stopped to enjoy the art and the moment.

Having beaten the crowd which was already stretching a fair bit out the doors by the time we got out of the Cami de Ave Maria, we stopped outside for a few more pictures and some history of the area. The blue skies even allowed for distant view of the Collserrola Tower above Barcelona. Our walk to the Holy Cave was enjoyable, if a bit nippy (the temps were hovering in the mid-30s). We even had time for some yoga and stretching exercises (and for a bit of rosemary picking) as we waited for the Cremallera back up to the monastery.

After a bite of mel i mato, we headed back to Barcelona to finish their visit at the Sagrada Familia. Every time I go I see something new, and of late this is more true than ever.  For those of you who haven't been there in the last few months, the inside has come along so far that it is mesmerizing just to wander around and see the details. What a great way to end a visit to Barcelona!

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