Friday, October 08, 2010

The Sagrada Familia - readying for the Pope

In just under a month from today (November 7), The Sagrada Familia will host its first-ever Mass in the central nave, led by none other than the Pope himself.  And efforts to make sure the building is ready are really stepping up. As I walked through the Sagrada Familia this morning I was struck at once by the sheer size of it. This is really nothing new, I've been visiting Gaudi's masterpiece for most of the last decade on a regular basis, but this time, with all the construction area cleared and the central part blocked off for floor cleaning, for some reason it just resonated more. Of course, I also got to visit with my wife's grandfather, Jordi. We had a wonderful time talking about the changes that we've seen (albeit he's seen a fair few more than I have), and taking in the intricacies of the building. It was just a short visit, but it really served to remind me of how marvelous the temple truly is, and how much it means to the people of Barcelona, and how great it is to share that pleasure with our guests!

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