Thursday, October 28, 2010

Malaga welcomes The Spanish Touch

 The Bhatia/Heinrichs party arrived in Malaga on Tuesday ready to take on the charms and wonders of Southern Spain. After picking up Ila and Rita, and then turning around to pick up Ranbir (flying down from Barcelona), we all got settled at the hotel and headed out to enjoy an exceptional autumn day in Malaga. For those of who have witnessed the change in Malaga over the last ten years, it's a treat to be able to show people around. It really warms the heart to look at how the old city has transformed, with the wide pedestrian streets, the signs and even the Picasso statue in front of his birth house. Walking from our hotel we saw the town hall, the old gardener's house, the University building and then we arrive at the Alcazaba. (The Customs Palace is currently being restored and the covering on it looks like something out of a Dali painting). Once again, the steps being made to improve the city are really noticeable, perhaps no where as much as the Roman Theater, which has become a great place you can actually visit, rather than an archeological dig over on the side of the road.

Walking down Calle Granada we passed the church where Picasso was baptised, we saw the Plaza Merced, and we stopped along the way for a quick glass of Cava (for some reason they served it at room temperature, which was not really ideal but nonetheless it was enjoyable just to sit on a small street and soak up the culture). We walked the streets and saw the numerous shops and restaurants, the old palaces that have been refurbished and even walked down the oldest street in Malaga. We got to the cathedral as the sun was setting, and decided to head back to the hotel.

Dinner at the Hermanos Gutierrez was a great introduction to the gastronomic side of Spain. The group are all professing-foodies, and we enjoyed the recommendations of our waiter and a fantastic bottle of Cava to go with our fish, pulpo a la gallega and jamon. All of them commented on how beautiful Malaga is, but we have no time on this trip, as Jerez and Cadiz await us in the morning!

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