Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An extra day in San Sebastian

Due to the incredible downpours and trecherous driving conditions caused by them (the news has been talking about the flooding that is going on across northern Spain right now), Arleen and Eva decided to not chance the 6 hour trip to Leon and chose instead to spend the day relaxing in Hondarribia. A morning massage session for the ladies and tapas for lunch, and finally the rain broke. We took advantage of the (relatively) nice weather to go shopping in San Sebastian. We did stop in a wonderful tapas bar in San Sebastian, right in front of the neogothic cathedral. For dinner we had a request for Paella, and while the first two restaurants on our list were closed, we did manage to find some decent paella at La Comigo in the old city.

The following morning gave us time to run over to the Chillida Museum. Started in 1984 by Eduardo Chillida to house his sculptures. Opened in 2001, the museum is a spectacular medium to appreciate the art of San Sebastian's most famous 20th century artist.

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