Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Fiestas De La Pilar - Zaragoza's shining celebration

Zaragoza is often overlooked by those visiting Spain. Conveniently located halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, the capital of Aragon suffers in comparison to the glamour and draw of its larger neighbors. But for one week, from October 10-18, it rises head and shoulders above all others as the best place to be to see Spain in full color. The Fiestas del Pilar, which dates to the beginning of the 19th century (although related festivals can be dated back to the 1600s), began as a religious festival (the Cathedral of Zaragoza is dedicated to the Virgen of La Pilar). 

Nowadays it combines the ancient religious meanings with a showcase of the best of Aragonese culture. Join in for a week of parades, fireworks, music and more, and discover one of Spain's best Festivals! For more information or to include a private guided visit to Zaragoza on your next trip to Spain, contact The Spanish Touch.

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