Thursday, January 22, 2015

Calçots Season - a Catalan culinary treat!

This is the time of year the Catalans have been waiting for: it's Calçots season!! Maybe when I tell you first that a calçot is a vegetable kind of like an onion, only longer, you'll start thinking: these Catalans have got to be nuts to eat something like that. And you might be right, but the charm of this typical dish is the salsa which accompanies it (romesco) and the festive atmosphere in which it takes place.

Calçots constitute a single-dish meal and are cooked on a grill, if possible in the open air and with family and/or friends. Calçots originated in Tarragona, specifically from the region of Valls. The best calçots are those that you buy at the market and then cook immediately at the barbaque. But if you don't feel like cooking, you can go to a Masia or a restaurant in the country where they will prepare them for you in traditional style.

Eating calçots is a unique experience that we recommend to everyone who has the chance to visit Catalunya during this season. For more information on this culinary treasure, or to enjoy a calcotada on your upcoming trip to Spain, contact The Spanish Touch and we'll be glad to help.  

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