Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Visit to Barcelona should always be a unique experience

 When Bob and Bonnie first contact us for for their time in Barcelona, one of the things that they made it clear that a "cookie cutter" tour was not for them. This, of course, is perfect for us, as we don't do canned tours, and all of our tours are designed around the group's specific requests. As two people who had never been to Barcelona, one of the days had to be a Barcelona overview. There are probably hundreds of companies who provide these services in Barcelona, so in order to make sure our clients are satisfied, The Spanish Touch always tries to make the city visit more of an exploration than a guided tour. We want to explain how and why, but we want to make sure you're questions are getting answered, not answer the questions we think you might have had. And Bob and Bonnie had some questions. As a well-traveled couple who have seen their fair share of old buildings, making Barcelona's history and culture come alive was definitely a priority. The tour of the old city took us through the old streets of Barcelona, around legends and churches and the Temple remains, and, because if you've never seen it you should, Sagrada Familia.

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