Thursday, September 06, 2012

A day or two with The Freedmans - A Tour in and around Barcelona

Louise and Fred Freedman arrived in Barcelona having spent the previous couple of weeks exploring ports and cities around Europe. The end of the cruise left them ready to settle for a couple of days and enjoy their surroundings. Our plan called for a half day walking around the city center, discovering the quiet and not-so-quiet corners of the Gothic Quarter, strolling Las Ramblas and taking in the sights of the capital of Catalonia. But having spent so many days hitting the cities on cruise excursions, truth be told they were ready for something a little different. So off we went to provide them with a bit of a panorama, and an insider's guide to the city tour. We did a (shorter) route through the old city and then headed off to explore some of the other regions. As they had a few days of relaxation and city living after living on the cruise ship, today was really about getting them settled and situated, showing them where to go and what sort of things they should see and the best time/where to go.

And having enjoyed their time so much, we decided to meet again the following afternoon. As it is harvest season, what better chance to visit the vineyards and learn a bit about the wine and the culture. The highlight was sampling an ageing chardonnay right from the cask while our guide showed us the log of the daily fermentation process. Moments such as that are one of the great advantages of doing what we do, where small groups and personal contact really let our guests experience the culture, not just see it. After a walk through the vineyard and a great tasting of some of the various wines of the region, we headed back to Barcelona, where we had arranged for the Freedmans to enjoy dinner at Vell Sarria, one of the best paella restaurants in the city, away from the tourist crowds.

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