Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in Spain

With the Thanksgiving festivities rapidly approaching, I find myself thinking about my youth, about the dinners spread over groaning tables and 20+ people gathered together for a day of friendship and sharing. Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, but that doesn't mean that the Spanish are not open to trying new things. And any holiday which involves food and friends is certain to go down like a great glass of cava.

Every year we host a Thanksgiving Day feast (okay, so it's on Saturday, because everyone here has to work Thursday and Friday), and you would be amazed at the reception it gets. The most fun is the turkey which, as a native of the Americas, is anything but a traditional dish on the old continent. In fact, the word for turkey in Catalan literally translates as "rooster of the Indies".

On behalf of the entire crew at The Spanish Touch, I also want to say how thankful I am to be doing what I do, and that I am able to help people enjoy the best of what Spain has to offer is a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

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