Friday, July 30, 2010

Operation: The Great Escape

For anyone who might be visiting Spain at the moment, please bear in mind that this weekend represents the largest mobilization of Spanish vacationers all year. That's right, bigger than Christmas, or even Semana Santa or the Feria de Sevilla. August is traditionally the vacation month, and this year the statistics indicate that more Spaniards are planning on "staying home" than have done for the last couple of decades. Of course, with so many options within driving distance, I can hardly blame them. "The grass is always greener" seems to have reached its breaking point, and more and more people are wising up to the enormous potential for vacation ideas without having to leave the peninsula.

So, if you have any plans for Friday evening and most of Saturday (but especially the morning), I recommend that you take into account that the roads will be packed and maybe just take it easy until the initial wave passes. In the meantime, soak up the culture, the sun and the wonders of Spain!

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