Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Once every two hundred years or so...

Well, we've come through another whirlwind Semana Santa in Spain. The Holy week processions, many of which were cancelled due to rain, are some of the most beautiful and moving acts in all of Spanish culture...in fact, I would say they are some of the most moving in any culture. To see the pride and devotion of the men carrying these massive floats, inching slowly through the streets, is singularly unique and utterly fascinating.

However, what made this year even more intense was that the Fallas festival in Valencia coincided with Semana Santa. It was the first time in over two hundred years, and don't wait around for the next one, as it will be a long time from now. Las Fallas reached its peak on March 19, with the burning of more than 500 ninots and a grand celebration that attracts thousands of people every year.

It's never too early to start planning for next year, and The Spanish Touch will be here to help you with everything from where to stay to what to eat during this cultural phenomena.

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