Monday, December 21, 2009

From Market to Market

Something that stands out when I think of Spain: The markets and ferias, or fairs. These markets can be indoor or open-aired. They might have fresh produce or fresh poultry. Or perhaps they are a display of local artisans' work. Maybe you're looking to pick up a pair of unique earrings for a friend back home, or you want to try some fresh squeezed OJ. Here in Barcelona, let alone Spain in general, I have found quite the array. Sometimes, it's a permanent market, like "La Boquería" on Las Ramblas. Sometimes, I've found myself wandering over by a certain plaza just to take a glimpse at what's on display on those brown tables or what's being sold under the white tents. And some of my favorite times are those surprises of walking down a street to find local vendors selling homemade chocolate, or cheese wedges, or other specialties!

Here are some pictures of markets around this city:
Fruits and veges on display at La Boquería.

Eggs of all kind inside la Mercat Santa Caterina (Saint Catherine's Market)

Christmas decorations at Fira de Santa Llucia (Saint Lucy's Fair), a seasonal fair during the month of December located outside of the main Cathedral

Browsing tee shirts, hats, scarves & more at this market set up right by Plaza Catalunya

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