Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Proper Tapas Spread

Ask any person to tell you something about Spain and chances are the word "Tapas" will probably come up in conversation. There is much to be said about these small rations of food that people pick at, usually accompanied by a beverage of your choice. They are a great way to try a little bit of everything while enjoying the afternoon/evening with friends. Plus, the menu varies all around Spain. No matter where you are, though, there seems to be something for everyone. And there seems to be the staple tapas, too. Something like "pan con tomato," or bread with tomato is a common one, along with "patatas bravas" or potatoes with a spicy Brava Sauce. However, you might order a small portion of a salad, something seafood (which might include calamari, sardines, etc.), a variety of sausage, mushrooms, and the list goes on! Usually you order a couple different types and end up sharing them with your party. But don't feel like you need to eat everything in one sitting. After tasting at one place, head on out to the next tapas bar for a different selection. Tapas Bars may seem to be a dime a dozen, but of course, there are always certain restaurants that have their specialties. A great one to check out here in Barcelona is Lonja de Tapas. They have 4 different locations right in the city. Mmmm. Is it dinner time yet?

The Spanish Touch offers Tapas Tours for those who everyone: from learning more about this Spanish experience to discovering some of the best places to satisfy your hunger to helping Tapas veterans look for a great new find or a great wine pairing!